2018 Two Groups

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2018 Two Groups

Postby Brain » Tue Apr 10, 2018 8:56 pm

New for this year we will be scoring the results in two groups. Basically we are trying to separate the few hardcore and/or alien drivers. Hopefully this creates a more competitive atmosphere and allows for some trophy winners aside from the usual suspects.

Anyone who won a Kelowna event last year will be placed in the "Top Gun" group. Anyone who has won the Eliminator or another big event (Cdn Nationals, BC Champs, Kumho Super Challenge, VCMC Blitz, Packwood Class, etc) will also be placed in Top Gun. Or simply put - if history says you're too good you will be placed in Top Gun :mrgreen:

Each year we will move the top driver from the larger group up into Top Gun. And of course if anyone wants to run Top Gun voluntarily they are more than welcome.