Area 27 Autocross?

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Area 27 Autocross?

Postby benw » Fri Jun 12, 2020 11:42 am

I've only been to the Kartplex. Who has been beyond the locked gate to shangrila? Is there a pad for Autox?

August Motorsports Area 27 corporate events page, says "each track day now includes Autocross".

In viewing from Google Earth, there appears to be a large paved pad near the pit lanes. I presume they would need a pad for parking race rigs and trailers during events, right?

Who's seen this? Is it worth pursuing?

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Re: Area 27 Autocross?

Postby mcsinc » Thu Jun 18, 2020 11:13 am

Simple answer: Possibly.

Richard and I went to August's lapping day a couple weeks ago. The pad (guesstimate) is about the same size as the college lot. They laid out the autocross course as a single lane (no crossovers or repeated/reverse elements), so was super tight and not very fast (ie: not that much fun).

Having said that:

1) more experienced course designers could possibly set up something more interesting, especially considering we use some of the college pad as parking/staging whereas at A27, there is a separate area for that.

2) Because the staging area is at a different level than the parking area, there is a 2 story cement wall dividing the 2.

3) pit lane coming off the track would be great for an out and back slalom.

4) they are quite fully booked by the looks of it, so doubtful they would rent just the parking lot.
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