Tires For My Daily

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Tires For My Daily

Postby SteveMcQueen » Mon May 16, 2016 5:55 pm

Looking for some input on tires for my daily, a 1998 Civic 4 Door. I have a set of 15 X 6.5 NEXO 5 spoke rims. The car comes with 185-65-14 tires. How much should I up size 195-55-15 or 205-50-15 or something else? Also any idea's on brands. Not looking for the best but something better than my old Multi Mile Matrix tires (apparently don't like Autocross much)

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Re: Tires For My Daily

Postby Brain » Mon May 16, 2016 9:22 pm

Well if you want your speedometer/odometer to be reasonably accurate then you want a 195/55/15. The 205/50/15 is slightly short and 205/55/15 is slightly tall. 185/60/15 is close, but not a common size.

In answer to a a cheap/quality tire I always recommend Champiros - or GT Radials if you prefer. They are also available pretty much anywhere because the local wholesale distributors carry them.

Champiro 328 if you want something that resembles a performance tire.

Champiro 128 if you just want a good wearing generic tire (cheaper too)

There's a million choices out there currently. I tend to just pick a price range and then pick the best looking tread pattern.

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